Who we are

Driven by our genuine care for senior citizens and people with disabilities in need of accessible tourism services, and our vision to make Greece the ultimate travelling destination for everyone, without limitations or exclusions, we have created ACCESS Simple.

ACCESS Simple is the child company of dot2dot – a Social Cooperative Enterprise that is active in the fields of culture, research, education and tourism, creating memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for everyone since 2013. Our certified tour guides and our specialised staff have combined their expertise and joined forces on a mission to make your travel simple!

Our vision

To promote inclusivity in travel, to make travel simple for everyone.

Our mission

ACCESS simple focuses on offering people with physical, sensory, cognitive or mental impairments, elderly people and people with mobility issues or other health problems, associations of people with disabilities etc, the opportunity to travel safely and conveniently, creating tailor-made experiences according to their specific needs and interests and providing them access to everything they need during their travel.

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