7-day tour

Monuments full of stories about emperors, gods and mortals, wars and victories. Open, busy markets, full of images that bring to mind the bazaars of the Orient. Narrow paved roads and traditional houses with distinct architecture. Flavors with roots in Byzantium, the Ottoman period, the Sephardic Jews and other ethnic groups that, through history, chose Thessaloniki as their homeland.

Since its foundation, Thessaloniki has been a crossroads of cultures, different customs and tastes – a city of historical significance and unique vibes.

Join us on a tailor-made trip in this vibrant metropolis and spend a time to remember!

Thessaloniki 1st Day
Thessaloniki 2nd Day
Thessaloniki 3rd Day
Thessaloniki 4th Day
Thessaloniki 5th Day
Thessaloniki 6th Day
Thessaloniki 7th Day
Wine tasting at one of the most famous Greek wineries
The city's lovely sunset... in your plate

The land of Thessaloniki and the surrounding area is famous for its vineyards. In such a place, just outside Thessaloniki, is where we will find ourselves. One of the legendary estates is waiting for us not only for a tour at the vineyard and the Wine Museum, but also for tastings of famous wines, produced exclusively from Greek varieties.

The day closes with dinner at another traditional market, or at the Acropolis, overlooking the castles, the Thermaic Gulf and the city as the sun sets.

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