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Crete is the largest island in Greece and it simply has it all! Must-see attractions revealing a rich history and cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, charming old towns and traditional villages, a cuisine that is renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavours. And the list goes on.

Join us on a tailor-made trip in this dreamy Mediterranean destination and discover the best of everything the island has to offer at your own pace!

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A visit to the Archaeological Museum
Enjoying the Cretan sea

The history of Crete is closely intertwined with the Minoan period. Through a tour at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, we admire the unique Minoan art masterpieces and share stories about life in the palaces of Knossos, Phaistos and Malia. We get to see one of the greatest mysteries from the Minoan period – the disk of Phaistos – and complete our visit with representative works of art from up to the Roman times. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is one of the largest and most valuable museums in Greece, and one of the oldest and most important in Europe. So, a visit is definitely a must. And it is followed by a refreshing coffee, accompanied by delicious local delicacies; the perfect ending to a perfect morning.

We close our day with a swim at a beautiful nearby beach. After a day full of stories in the heart of the city, we choose a beach not far way, to spend a relaxing afternoon. Aghia Pelagia, Ligaria and Mononaftis are only a few of our options.

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